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Thanks for visiting my web site. 

Tuning now for almost 35 years, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and while working in industry started working on pianos part time. In 1987 I left the corporate world and went full time into piano work and I absolutely love it! 

This past year my son, Jared May, has joined me full time in the piano business. He has grown up working in the piano shop and has more experience than many part time tuners. As an excellent guitar player/vocalist, Jared is very picky about his tunings producing a very harmonious clean sound that is solid and stable. 

My base rate for tuning is $125 for pianos that have been reasonably maintained. Depending on what kind of condition the piano is in, first time appointments are almost always less than $200, 95% of the time they are less than $175, about 40% of the time it is only $125. It just depends on how long it has been since the last tuning and if anything else needs fixed. 

Discounts: There is a $10 discount if it has been 1 year or less, a $20 discount if it has been 6 months or less

I have over 35 years experience and am very good at what I do, spending 100-200 hours per year in an online continuing education forum, both as instructor and student. I routinely rescue pianos that other part time techs have condemned mostly because I stay on top of all the latest repair protocols.

I am also happy to leave an invoice and accept payments if that is needed to help fit it into the budget, though cash is preferred. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me directly, deanmay@pianorebuilders.com, or call toll free, 888-DEAN-MAY. When emailing please put “piano tuning” in the subject line to help keep it out of the SPAM filter

Please supply me with all the following information:


Street address/mailing address if different

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Time of day that works best (morning/afternoon)

I will compile responses as they come in. When I get a sufficient number I'll plan a route to get everyone serviced. With customers all over the state it isn't hard add new routes. So please feel free to pass this information on to your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. I hope our family can be of some service to your family to help keep the world in harmony. J