Welcome To Jared May!

Jared May has grown up working in his father's piano shop. He has a passion for music and a knack for tinkering. A self-taught guitarist, Jared has spent many years playing and singing in the coffee house circuit where he has obtained quite a following. In 2015 he decided to become a full time piano tuner/technician. 

With his many years of piano repair experience he is starting out with more working knowledge than most part time piano tuners. And with his love of guitar he has developed a very keen ear. He is very picky about his tunings and his work produces very musical, harmonious and stable tunings. 

Jared is currently in journeyman status as a tuner. We have set a target of 1000 pianos for him during which time he is tuning at a discounted rate of $75. He is well on his way to hitting that target so call now to schedule your appointment!